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Art Quilts for sale

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Original design art quilt wall hangings for sale. These wall hangings are all designed and made by myself.
The wall hangings are made from best quality 100% cotton fabrics, mostly batiks, except for embellishments where I have used a variety of threads and fabrics. Each wall hanging is finished with a sleeve on the back so that they are ready to be hung from a rod or bar. All wall hangings also have my own label on the back. 

Click on the picture to view a larger image and details. All prices are in Brunei Dollars and do not include shipping costs.
If you don't live in Brunei and would like to buy one of these quilts please contact me directly
To view a larger picture and details click on the quilt image.

Frangipani Flower
Frangipani flower art quilt wall hanging

Applique flower design made from batiks and hand painted fabric. To view details and larger picture click on the picture.
Finished size 20 inches x 22 inches.

 BND 125
Heliconia Flower

Machine stitched applique flower design made from batiks. To view details and larger picture click on the picture.
Finished size 11½ inches x 19½ inches.

 BND 100
Curvy Gecko
Delicate leaf print batik border and subtle shades of brown and gold with hand appliqued  spotted batik gecko. Finished with machine quilting using plain and variegated cotton threads.
Finished size 20¼inches x 20¼ inches.
BND 120 
Long Tailed Gecko


Hand stitched gecko on a subtle light tan batik background, with olive green accent border and a leaf print printed batik border in blue, green and tan. Machine quilted with cotton thread. Finished size 21inches x 23 inches.
BND 125
Iban Leaf Design
Iban-Leaf-design-art quilt wall hanging.jpg
Hand stitched reverse appliqué design adapted from traditional native Iban artwork. machine quilted.
Finished size: 23 inches x 24 inches.
 BND 160

To view a larger picture and details click on the quilt image.

These art quilts are made as decorative wall hangings so they are not designed to be washed. Washing would cause the batting to shrink so the surface would be come puckered and the quilt not hang properly, also washing could damage some of the surface embellishments. If the quilt is creased it can be ironed from the back with a warm iron. It is also advisbale to hang away from direct sunlight as continued exposure to bright sunlight is likely to cause the fabrics to fade.

All images and original designs are the property of Anne Maundrell©